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Your workplace is brimming with activity and your employees and customers meet each other in your premises. So you want this work environment to be clean and healthy and your floors and carpets to be spotless! Of course, your maintenance team is constantly washing the floors and vacuuming the carpets once a week. However, have you considered that the carpets also should be washed rigorously and regularly to remove dirt, dust mites and stubborn stains? Do not let the appearance of your carpets stain your environment! Carpets act like magnets for dirt and bacteria of all sorts, hence it is important to recruit professional carpet cleaning as often as possible!

Boily Carpet Cleaning offers a professional service for industrial carpet cleaning in commercial and corporate environment. We are equipped with ultra- efficient appliances to thoroughly disinfect, wash, brush, and dry the dirtiest carpet!

Our technicians will first conduct an inspection of the surfaces to be cleaned. The surfaces are then treated in order to 'lift' heavy dirt, following, we proceed with an in-depth steam wash and extraction of dirt and using strong cleaning agents, and finally rinse the fibers to prepare them for quick drying. We then add a deodorant which treats the fibers over the entire surface during drying.

Our professional techniques allow your carpets to dry quickly, so that your employees return to their workspace with the newly cleaned and fresh smelling carpet to indicate that something has been done.

Our employees will pay particular attention to high traffic areas or spots having problematic stains. Regardless of the state of your carpets, our deep cleaning process will ensure an impeccable result with cleanliness and freshness guaranteed.

Cleaning at regular intervals will control the dirt and wear of your carpet, preserving the quality and beauty for a longer duration.

Contact us for more information and to obtain a free quote. Technicians Boily carpet cleaning work in the greater Montreal region but also in Laval, Longueuil , Montérégie and almost everywhere in Quebec.

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Commercial Cleaning

November 10, 2011

Here is a visual of carpet cleaning in a large office building. Our team of technicians did the job quickly and efficiently!