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Our carpet cleaning steam machines are extremely powerful. The steam produced by the little device is up to 250 C (482 F) degrees. They are very effective injection / extraction devices designed for intense professional use to clean medium to large surfaces. With high pressure pumps, they are very effective for deep and thorough cleaning of carpets. We use only the latest equipment with propulsion steam and extraction. Thus, dirt and other debris found at the base of the carpet (dead skin, accumulated dust mites) are extracted in a rigorous and effective fashion, while the carpet fibers are then cleaned thoroughly with hot steam to kill any germs that may otherwise remain. Disinfectant cleaners are then used to deal with all bacteria, preparing the fibers for fast drying with our high-performance drying appliances, which leaves your carpets clean and fresh

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Commercial Cleaning

November 10, 2011

Here is a visual of carpet cleaning in a large office building. Our team of technicians did the job quickly and efficiently!